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Truck Tracking

Due to the trend that trucks and towed units are from different companies, the separation of truck tracking and trailer tracking is becoming
more important for logistics companies. Also, the requirements for more efficiency and effectiveness for resource planning and increasing the
quality of service requires new conceptual approaches.

MECOMO – truck tracking and trailer tracking solutions

MECOMO has recognized this new requirements at an early stage and developed respective solutions for truck tracking and trailer tracking
in order to manage both in a common tracking platform

The two 
truck tracking modules mecTRACE truck AVL and mecTRACE truck CAN are ideal for tracking fleets of vehicles.
They were developed specifically for deployment in the automotive sector and are E1 certified. The integrated backup battery
ensures that the latest position data is transmitted even if the power supply is interrupted.

Designed and engineered for a variety of applications, the Quake Global Q4000 is a flexible, industrial-grade, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications system.
It combines dual-mode functionality over multiple satellite and GSM terrestrial networks with GPS in a compact, fully programmable solution.