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Fleet Management Systems

The MECOMO AG group is a leading provider of localization solutions. Based on two business divisions,MECOMO provides the use of telematics (tracking and tracing), development of mobile apps, as well as high quality content services and POI’s (Points of Interest) from a single source. MECOMO AG is based in Unterschleissheim near Munich.

Tracking & Tracing

In our business unit tracking & tracing (telematics), we develop comprehensive solutions for vehicle, object and people tracking. Important components of our solution is our self developed tracking software mecFLEET for comprehensive tracking & tracing.

Benefits from MECOMO tracking & tracing solutions:

As a “one stop shop” telematic specialist, we offer all the necessary components such as software, hardware and support.

Our Libya market presence is covered with our distribution and business partner network.

Tracking vehicle  

Optimize your fleet costs using the latest vehicle tracking, automated reporting and reduce administrative effort.             read more 

Tracking object

How can you track assets when no power source is available for the tracking hardware?

                                                       Read More 

Locate people

Real-time information so you can control your field force


                                                 Read More 

Tracking software

Geographical control of your fleet means security, economy and peace of mind.
For those aspects we have developed our own tracking platform and management solutions.

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